Podcast: Raising Funds For Adoption – Featured on A Sunny Side Up Life

Today I have some exciting news to share… I was interviewed for a podcast to share my experience with raising funds for adoption.

Raising Funds For Adoption

Sami was a fantastic host and we chatted about the different types of adoption, the costs associated with each type, and a few ideas on how you can raise funds for adoption if you can’t foot the bill on your own.

Click below to listen to our episode and follow Sami’s podcast for more financial advice!

Adoption can be expensive, a private domestic adoption can cost upwards of $30,000 (Washington Post). That is why budgeting can play such a key role when you’re trying to save and raise funds for your adoption.

I am overwhelmed with gratitude that Sami chose to feature me and my blog on her podcast. If you haven’t already, make sure to jump over to her site and listen to our episode!

Adoption Costs Guide

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