Our Adoption Story

I think this post might surprise some people. But, I want to share our story because every single adoption story is unique. We all have our own journey and that is what makes them all so beautiful.

I can only imagine that many people think that a happily married couple that has been together for two decades would have biological children… if they could. The truth is we never attempted to have biological children.

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I honestly, for the first 10 years or so of our marriage, didn’t want kids. I’m sure this goes even deeper than I understand. But, I always thought it was because I had a pretty messed up childhood where I was viewed as an inconvenience more than a gift. I later learned it was much deeper than that.

God was preparing my heart for adoption. Although I never had a desire to have a biological child, God planted a strong desire in my heart to adopt.

Until then, I thought we would always just be the two of us. But, as is often the case, God had other plans.

                                                     Our 20-Year Renewal Ceremony (pre-kids!)

Here’s our story…

Our Adoption Journey

The first time the idea of adoption grabbed my attention was over ten years ago at a Steven Cutis Chapman concert. They were highlighting an amazing organization called Show Hope and I picked up a packet of information. And… that is where it all began! The seed was planted and although it was slow-growing, it did in fact begin to grow.

But…adoption felt so hard. We just didn’t know if we had what it took to make it happen. And, the truth is we didn’t! Not even almost. But, God did! We started doing a little research, but it wasn’t until we went to an informational meeting some years later, we started to really dig in. We learned more about different types of adoption, what to expect and resources available to prospective adoptive families.

So, after lots of research, paperwork and prayer we started the process!


And after plenty of waiting, in August of 2016, after 20 years of marriage, we got a call from the agency. A birth mom saw our profile book and wanted to meet us! So many emotions! We met her two days later and she said we were the ones she wanted to adopt her baby! And, that same day she asked us to come meet our daughter who was two weeks old! At three weeks old Abigail Grace, came home!

We were beyond blessed. We started building our life as a family of three…which was exactly as we intended to stay…until…one year later. We received an email from Abigail’s birth mom letting us know she was pregnant with Abigail’s full biological sibling and wanted to know if we would adopt this baby due in January 2018.

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We were in shock! We had honestly planned to remain a family of three. But, as it often goes, God had other plans…better plans. And, on January 30, 2018 we met our son, Bennett Casey and brought him home soon after.

I fully believe that Abigail and Bennett were always meant to be together. And, as hard as this can be to understand at times, we were meant to be their parents.

Your Story

I know that for many their paths to adoption look very different than ours.  In many cases, it’s full of pain. In ways, ours was full of pain too. A husband that had always wanted kids. A wife that had dealt with too much pain and neglect in childhood to have the heart for children, until God changed all that. And, he chose to change my heart to one for adoption. I am forever grateful for this and I will spread the adoption message He has placed on my heart as far and wide as I possibly can for as long as He allows.

If you or someone you know is considering adoption, please follow us here for encouragement and resources.

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