An Open Letter To My 4-Year-Old Daughter

There is so much more I will say outside of this open letter just for you, but this is what I need you and the world to know…

Dear Sweet Abigail,

4 years ago today you had been home for one week. You were one month old, and I was clueless.

But, so in love!

An Open Letter To My 4-Year-Old Daughter

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It’s crazy to think about how I didn’t even know you yet, but I knew you were mine.

And just a couple of weeks before this we didn’t know you were about to be ours. We didn’t know the call would come on that Tuesday in August of 2016. We didn’t know you’d already be born. We didn’t know what color your skin would be or that you would have the most beautiful blue eyes.

And, when we went to meet your amazing birth mom, we didn’t know if she would like us. Would she want us to be the ones she chose to be your forever family? We didn’t know.

An Open Letter To My 4-Year-Old Daughter


But, we trusted. We trusted the one that had orchestrated this whole thing. The one that set our hearts on adoption so many years before and now…right before our eyes…He was making it happen. We knew that even though we were clueless, He wasn’t. He knew all along you would be ours. He handpicked you to be a part of our family; an extremely special one of a kind part.

I don’t think we’ll ever be able to fully explain how you just always fit. How we knew from the moment you were placed in our arms that you were ours.

An Open Letter To My 4-Year-Old Daughter

Your Story

We don’t take lightly and never will that you were born to another woman. That she made the beyond hard and selfless choice to place you with us. She is and will forever be your birth mom. She gave you life and for that, we are so thankful.

We know there will likely be times in the future where adoption becomes confusing. You will encounter people that don’t understand or respect it. They may say things that deepen your confusion. My heart already hurts to think you might ever question your place in our family or this world.

But, please know this. You are 100% ours. More importantly, you are 100% His. And you are incredible! You were meant to be. Your story was written before you were ever born. And, like you, your story is amazing.

I don’t just say this because I’m your momma. Everyone that meets you sees how incredible you are. You have a naturally happy, positive spirit that I believe will follow you for your entire life. You love to dance and sing. And you are so insightful and inquisitive. You are incredibly outgoing and friendly. I promise I’ll do my best, as an introvert momma, not to squelch that.

An Open Letter To My 4-Year-Old Daughter

My Love

My little love, you are such a light. It’s hard to understand how you didn’t physically come from me because you truly are a part of me; more than I can explain or even understand. I can’t imagine you not being mine. So, never doubt our bond. I am your momma, from the first time I held you at 2 weeks old and forevermore.

Little sweet pea, I love you!

An Open Letter To My 4-Year-Old Daughter


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My sweet girl’s favorite book. We enjoy this book so much as a sweet mother-daughter moment before bedtime many nights 💖

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