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Adoption Fundraisers can be a great way to gather funds for your adoption! There are SO many great adoption fundraiser options!  You can do a quick search online and get so many amazing creative ideas. But, I wanted to share my 3 favorites. These were the most worthwhile when we were raising funds…

1. Start a funding account

One of the best ways to raise funds for your adoption is to start an account where friends and family can donate. I highly suggest Lifesong for Orphans to set this up. One of the great advantages to a Lifesong adoption fundraiser account is that you can save 5-7% in administration fees that many crowdfunding sites charge.

With many crowdfunding sites if you had a $10,000 campaign, over $1000 in fees may go to the site. That is $1000 that could be going directly to your adoption!

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But with Lifesong’s “mySTORY” only credit card fees apply. According to the site this can save families over $700 in additional fees. Also, they state that “other sites may issue project creators a 1090 and funds raised must be reported as income, mySTORY projects are grant-based.”

In addition, they offer an adoption fundraising kit that allows friends and family who wish to support your adoption to receive tax-deductions for their donations on behalf of your adoption. Tools available include a letter-writing kit, online fundraising through mySTORY, and Gobena Coffee fundraising.

Learn more here:

And, if for some reason this option does not work for you, you can absolutely set up a GoFundMe account.

Once you get your account set up, share, share, share! Share on all social media platforms that you use.

And, email everyone you know!

If there are some people in your life that are not big on social media, email can be a great way to reach them. In addition, it can come across as more personal and it may be more likely to get someone’s attention than a social media post.

Just share it everywhere you can and ask for friends and family to do the same!

2. Dinner Theater or Benefit Concert

This was my favorite adoption fundraiser. Our Dinner Theater was a fun “Whodunit”! We have an awesome, talented friend that put together a play and our church allowed us to use their building. We turned it into a dinner theater and did 2 nights of performances. It was amazing and raised significant funds that went directly to our adoption.

And, it doesn’t have to be theater. Do you know a musician?  A benefit concert could be an equally awesome way to raise funds. Think outside of the box, ask around, check with friends and you may be surprised just how much someone is willing to help you with your adoption fundraising goal!

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3. Host an Online Silent Auction or Raffle

An online auction can be another great way to raise funds for your adoption! Families can use Facebook, other social media platforms or their blogs (if you have one) to host an online auction. You can post pictures and descriptions of various items and services, set minimum bids, and hold an auction. Many times, you can get some awesome donations from different individuals and organizations in exchange for having their product or service featured. Some of our listings included a professional photography session and a massage certificate.

If you decide to do this, put the word out to as many people as you can. Ask around. Again, you will likely be surprised by how many people are willing to help if you just ask. Many times, if someone cannot afford to donate directly, they may still have a product or service that they are willing to donate. And, if not they may know someone who would like to help.

These were my favorite ways to raise funds but don’t be afraid to think out of the box and see what else you can come up with. There are so many options!

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