How to Afford Adoption

“I’d like to adopt but it is just too expensive!”

The Costs

One of the biggest concerns I hear time and time again when it comes to those considering adoption is their concern over the cost.

That’s most likely the biggest reason why although 1/3 of Americans have considered adoption, no more than 2% of Americans have adopted.

I get it!  It’s a legitimate concern and quite honestly, it was one of our biggest as well. But, now that we’ve been through the process twice I can honestly say that money should not be the reason you don’t pursue adoption. There are just too many ways to fund an adoption.

So, let’s be real here. Adoption is not an inexpensive process.

If you think you can’t afford adoption, I am hopeful that I can share some information that will help you cross over to the 2% of Americans that do adopt.

Adoption Costs Guide

It’s Worth It

When it comes down to it, is any amount of money worth keeping you away from the child that is meant to be yours? Of course not! And, I believe I can bring some real hope to what you might believe is an impossible endeavor.

You may be thinking…“OK, I hear you but whether or not money SHOULD be a stumbling block, it is!”

This is one obstacle that can be overcome!  My family is a personal testament to that. Not only did we not have the money. I mean, we didn’t have the money! But, more importantly, 2 adoptions later, we now know it didn’t matter nearly as much we thought it did.

The worry we spent was completely unnecessary. So, I’m here to tell you…If adoption is on your heart and the pull you feel toward adoption is God led, the money issue can be overcome.

So again, if finances are the reason you’re hesitating to take the next step toward adoption, I have a wealth of information to share with you and you’ll find other blog posts on my site with various ideas. But along with all the other ideas I share there is one thing you should take a good look at! And that is, the money you already bring in.

It is possible, even on a tight budget, to find ways to help afford adoption. At the minimum, you can most likely at least find SOME extra funds that can go toward adoption that you can combine with the other ideas I share across my site. This can work for anyone if you’ll let it.

I wish I could lay it all out quickly in this blog post for you but getting a real handle on your budget takes skill. And, it’s something that I’m still learning. That’s why I was so thankful when I found someone that helped walk me through it step by step in a truly doable, realistic manner.

A Solution

If you’ve never heard of Sami Womack and her “Sunny Money Method”, this is the help that I was so blessed to find. She has a way of turning what is often such a heavy topic into an encouraging, motivational, hope-filled journey.

She taught me that living on a budget doesn’t have to be stressful or complicated, it just simply means that you’re intentional with your money. And, what possible reason could you find that would motivate you more to be intentional with your money than giving a child a forever home? I mean, really… that’s the ultimate reason to get it together!

The great thing I love about Sami’s course is that it is a simple approach to your family’s budget. The truth is there’s no magic trick to organizing your family’s budget….but there is a short cut!

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The Sunny Money Method

In her course, she’ll help you get your budget set up in just 30 days!

Some of the highlights of her course include:

  • Shortcuts on where to start & what to do
  • All the information and tools you need in one place.
  • 14 Digital/Printable Worksheets
  • Short actionable lessons without the fluff
  • Affordable enrollment fee
  • Realistic advice
  • Lifetime access
  • Money-back guarantee

In Your Sunny Money Method, Sami will work with you on:

  • Setting up a solid foundation for your budget
  • Shifting your money mindset
  • Finding your ideal organization style
  • Prioritizing your money on payday
  • Cutting back your expenses
  • Telling every dollar where to go
  • Creating an actionable plan to pay off debt
  • Setting & achieving your financial goals

The course includes:

Foundation Module: 10 Lessons on the why behind your budget

Organization Module: 20 Lessons on how to set up your budget

Recorded Workshops: free access to all of her recorded live workshops

Bonus Module: exclusive live group coaching, bonus resources, tech tutorials, & more

If you’re ready to get your budget under control then I’d love for you to check out this amazing budgeting resource & enjoy an exclusive $10 off coupon code by using this link!

This will not only get you on track to save money to adopt, but it will also set you up with solid money management skills for life.

I can’t wait to hear your story!

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