How To Adopt: Adoption 101

how to adopt

Adoption 101

When you decide to embark on your own adoption journey, there is a lot to learn. The great news is that many have gone before you and know what it takes to successfully adopt. Instead of trying to piece together all that goes into adoption, why not take advantage of the multitude of information available to you? Many of your questions can be answered by simply doing a bit of research. And, much of this can be found online.

To help those starting, or considering, adoption I have put together a free Adoption 101 guide that will walk you through the basics you need to know. If you want to know how to adopt, this is an excellent place to start. This simple Adoption 101 guide will give you a solid baseline and direct you to other sources when you need to learn more about a specific aspect of adoption.

Here is a quick summary of all that you will find in this 8-page guide.

Types of Adoption

There are various types of adoption. Learn about 5 of the most common types of adoption so you can decide which is best for you.

Things to Know

There are some key points to keep in mind when starting your adoption journey. This how-to adopt guide reviews 4 key points you need to know as you start your adoption journey.

Adoption Terms

Adoption has a language of its own. It can be confusing stepping into the adoption world without a knowledge of these terms. This guide covers 6 common terms with a link to over 50 terms, including a free adoption terminology download.

Adoption Support

As you begin or continue, your adoption journey, support is crucial. This guide explains why support is important and links to a state by state list of adoption services.

Adoption Costs

Different types of adoption involve different fees. Some are less expensive than others. Learn the cost ranges for various types of adoption so you know what to expect and can plan for it.

Adoption Steps (How To Adopt)

There are specific steps to take to reach your adoption dreams. All of the steps to adopt are covered and explained so you go into this more prepared than most.

Adoption Education

Books and other resources help you embark on your adoption journey with more information in your toolbelt. This is extremely important because when you come across certain issues as an adoptive parent you will be better prepared to handle them. This guide links to adoption books for both kids and adults.

Talking To Your Child About Adoption

The importance of being open and honest with your child about their adoption cannot be overstated. You’ll find specific recommendations for books for children that help explain the complex topic of adoption. This will help form a strong foundation as you parent your adopted child.

Overall, this information on how to adopt will help you go into your adoption journey much better prepared while directing you to other resources to deepen your understanding. This has been developed as a free resource to help as you jump into the wonderful world of adoption. You can gain access to it below. I hope you enjoy it!

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