Hi future (adoptive) momma!

I’m Heather


Back in 2012, I had been married for 17 years. I had such a strong desire to adopt but had no idea how to get started. It felt too hard! But, I knew in my heart adoption was meant to be part of our story; a huge part.

I learned everything I needed to know to adopt (x2) and now my passion is to help you so that you can build, or add to you family through adoption.

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Adoption can seem intimidating but the truth is if you find someone that has gone down this path before you and can help you along, your adoption journey can go much more smoothly.

I can help you with everything from learning about types of adoption, the homestudy process, affording adoption and everything in between.

This is such a needed topic! I used to work for an adoption agency and it was so heartbreaking to see people not be able to adopt because of the cost.


I never knew there was so much help out there in this area.


I recommend this to anyone who is even just “thinking” about adopting.


Not sure where to start?

That’s why I created this Adoption 101 Guide

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“I believe that if adoption is on your heart, it was put there for a reason and that regardless of any obstacles that seem to be in your way, it will become a part of your story if you trust and take the next step.”

– Heather Marshall

Some Adoption Topics I'm Passionate About

Here is my beautiful family!

Without taking a huge step of faith almost 10 years ago, I wouldn’t have them.

AND, I know for a fact they were meant to be ours so I am so glad we didn’t let fear stand in the way!

I’m ready to walk you through the steps to make adoption a reality.

It's Your Time to Adopt!

If you want to raise funds for your adoption, then this is the step-by-step guide you need to make it happen.